Refills available In Store ONLY at Kristina's

Here is a list of products you can refill right here in Thirsk at Kristina's.

We have also teamed up with Earth Unwrapped in Northallerton to bring you food refills to Thirsk too. 

Liquid refillls can be carried out in store

*Bring your own bottle (or buy one of our PET plastic ones)

*Tell us which liquid you would like in there

*We will label it up and fill

*Pay for your liquid


Food refills will be carried out on the 1st Thursday of the month.

You will need to bring your jars/containers to Kristina's that week before wednesday, I will then take them through to Northallerton on the Thursday and fill up with the shopping list you will have left in your bag.

Earth unwrapped will send you a bill and once paid you can collect from Kristina's



If you would like any further info on the refill systems please get in touch via our email or social media channels.