A New Year - 2023

Jan 16 , 2023

Kristina Graham

A New Year - 2023


Happy New Year!

It’s been such a long time (years) since I wrote a blog on the website. Things have been a little crazy since the last one. 


* A Global Pandemic 

* Pregnancy / New Baby 

* 2 House Moves

* The oldest staring school 

* A new member of staff 

* Now we are starting 2023 in a cost of living crisis


To say the last few years have been difficult would be more than fair, I feel so proud and humbled that my little business is still going after all of this. A huge THANK YOU for supporting and making sure my ethical shop has a place in this crazy world. 

Goals for 2023  -  

One of the first things I would like to do this year is source new local and British made products for the shop. We do have a good selection but also feel I really need to build on this and try and get some more fabulous products from the UK squeezed in. 

I stopped ordering from Frugi in 2022 I’d had them for a good few years and felt a change was needed. I took on Turtledove London & Kite and both have been very successful in the shop. The difference between the two brands styles means I now have something for everyone in terms of choice, all whilst sticking with our ethics. Both sourced and made ethically as well as being organic cotton. Winner. Going forward I feel we may need to add another brand just to give that extra variety and simplicity. I’ve been looking for a brand in between the 2 to give us a middle ground - so watch this space - or get in touch if you have any recommendations. 

The biggest goal for 2023 is to STAY OPEN. The current climate for all small business is very tough right now and we are no exception. Getting people through the door every day or directing traffic to the website is a daily struggle which is getting harder and harder. As I have for the last 7 years I will continue to source ethical - Fair trade - British made products to bring to you. I will post on social media as often as I can and I will always be happy to see you. I will continue to do a happy dance every time you shop with me and every time a web order pings in. I will keep working my butt off to keep my small business open and surviving. 

Can I ask something of you? Any small business that you love and want to see around - support them, that could be shopping with them, sharing their social posts, telling friends about them, writing a review. All of these things massively help. Thank you. 


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All the best to you for 2023 


Kristina xx