Our Salt Lamps are back in stock

Jul 01 , 2018

Kristina Graham

Our Salt Lamps are back in stock

Hi, how are you? 

It's been a while since I've managed to blog on here but I'm finally finding my feet in the new premises, the little one has been doing well in nursery and things are slowly settling down. All that said there is still a list as long as very long arms to get through but hey, its sunny and thats just awesome

Back to business -  our salt lamps are BACK IN STOCK yey I hear you cry. We have also added a few new ones although one has already sold out so I wont bother with that one for now! 

Take a look at this one which is new to us, it has salt chips in a metal basket! Groovy.


Wire basket filled with Himalayan salt chips.                    


We have also stocked up on the very popular salt T-lite holders along with adding the new double T-lite holders. Both absolutely fabulous. 

Salt rock with two holes for t-lites 

You can order any of these beauties right here on our lovely website or by popping into our bricks and mortar shop in Thirsk North Yorkshire. 

Well I shall go now and leave you lovely lot to this beautiful afternoon, enjoy and have a fab one. 

Kristina xx