Why Bother Refilling?

Aug 28 , 2019

Kristina Graham

Why Bother Refilling?


Are you fed up of plastic bottles everywhere? Is clutter taking over your home or workplace? Maybe you’ve had your eye on something special but can’t afford it? These are all very good reasons to bother refilling.

There are many ways to refill and I’ll give some examples of some of these below. Start by looking at and thinking about the shopping you bring into your home every week or month. While many of us are choosing loose veg over-packaged goods and making plastic-free and eco-savvy choices when we shop there is more we can do. Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to shopping, especially with a small child, I like to be in and out. Why then do I still think we should all bother refilling? I think it is worth trying because refilling offers so many benefits and is a lot easier than you might think.

Bother Refilling Because It’s Easy

Refilling your water bottle takes seconds and it is free. It saves you repeated trips to the recycling bin. Refilling in a shop, whether you are refilling couscous or cornflakes or shampoo and conditioner (both available instore at Kristina's) it couldn’t be easier. The store staff will help you do what you need to do. Balancing a squirming little one? Just ask for a little help. Prices are clearly marked and once you get into the swing of things and make refilling a routine, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. It’s so easy!

Clear the Clutter

How many bottles do you have around your bath or in your shower right now? Imagine if you could switch all of that for a couple of refillable bottles. More space, less mess and no more jumping out your skin when the shower gel falls off the overcrowded shower caddy and into the bath at 2am.

The same applies to your kitchen cupboards. Do you need 14 different types of pasta? Really? Decant everything into one container and refill as necessary. Less mess, less clutter and you can easily see how much of everything you have.

Save Yourself Money

If for no other reason you should bother refilling so that you can save money. When you buy a full product with packaging included you pay for the packaging. I don’t tend to hold on to my empty cereal boxes so don’t feel that’s good value for money, to be honest. Refilling means using your own containers or recyclable ones provided depending on the setup. You are then only paying for what you use. You aren’t paying for packaging or the time it takes to design, make and manufacturer all of these boxes and tubs.

Bother Refilling Because it Supports Small Business

Large supermarkets and the like don’t tend to offer refillable options. It doesn’t make business sense for them. Small businesses like me here at Kristina’s and numerous other ones such as Earth Unwrapped in Northallerton offer an eco-friendly, affordable way to shop locally, saves money AND helps you do your bit for the environment. Choose to refill and you are helping us keep these environmentally friendly options available for all.

Why Bother Refilling

Bother refilling because it will dramatically reduce the plastic in your home and crucially in a landfill. Bother refilling because it will save you money and reduce the clutter in your home. It will help you keep a better inventory for all the items in your home because your cupboards will be better organised with everything easy to see. Please refill because the difference it will make to the planet is significant.

Small changes might not immediately reverse the damage done to the environment or put the breaks on. When, however, lots of households make small changes this results in significant change. If nothing else bother refilling because it gives you a good reason to pop into the independent shops that offer these services and we’d love to see you!