Wooden Toys & Why.

Sep 26 , 2019

Kristina Graham

Wooden Toys & Why.

Why Choose Wooden Toys?

I work incredibly hard to source a wide variety of gifts and treats for my customers. My aim for Kristina’s was always to offer gifts with a conscious for the whole family and for all budgets. One range I have been particularly pleased to offer are our wooden toys.

Wooden toys make excellent gifts for special occasions as well as toys for home playtime. Here are just a few of the reasons why for me, as a Mum, and as a store-owner, wooden toys make a valuable addition to your child’s toy box.

Wooden Toys Are Not Plastic

These days many of us are working very hard to reduce the amount of plastic in our homes. You can’t turn the news on these days without hearing about climate change, seeing images of devastating weather (attributed to climate change) or hearing about environmental protest actions taking place. It is a serious issue and one we should all know a little bit about at least.

Here at Kristina’s I actively work to stock renewable items and choose stock suitable for those looking to also make small changes. I’m certainly not someone to preach about it though. Wooden toys are just one of the ways that you can introduce fabulously fun play into your home without adding more plastic. All of our wooden toys come from a renewable source, therefore, we are not adding to deforestation concerns.

Wooden Toys Make Great Heritage Pieces

The beauty of choosing wooden toys as a gift or for your own children or grandchildren is that you know that you are choosing something long lasting. Wooden toys are often considered to be heritage pieces as they are perfect for those of you who hope to pass them down through the generations. All of the wooden toys that I stock are made to last, making them timeless pieces which offer hours and hours of joy to those using them. As the lifespan of these toys is so long buying wooden toys offers great value for money.

Perfect For All Ages

Wooden toys are carefully finished in order to ensure that there are no splinters, no sharp edges and nothing that could hurt the littlest of hands. All paints are natural and safe (no lead paint or toxic substances here) and little ones are safe to chew, dribble on and knock about these toys as much as they like. After all, what’s the point of owning beautiful toys if you can’t build towers, knock them down and enjoy a good old chew on them?

Choosing Fun and Ethical Wooden Toys and Gifts

I looked at many wooden toy brands when sourcing items for the shop. Lanka Kade caught my eye straight away and I have stocked them pretty much from day one. Plan Toys became a welcome addition a couple of years ago and both offer beautifully and ethically created wooden gifts and treats.

If you are looking for something special for a christening, a birthday, Christmas, a “just because” gift or are looking for high-quality, long-lasting playthings for home feel free to check out my ethical toys section. If you are looking for something specific feel free to call into the shop or message me. I will try my best to find something special to meet your needs.